NEW FOR 2021!

with Richard Hirstwood and Carol Allen

6 January 2021 12.45pm – 4pm

Why should I attend?

This practical session will look at how to make your storytelling more inclusive and accessible.  We will examine the key elements of a successful sensory story and how to tell one.  Moving to the online world, we will share a host of resources you can easily add to your ‘bookshelf.’  We look at why creating your own stories is a powerful tool in your storytelling box before rounding up our favourite books you can use right now.  A storytelling extravaganza!


12.45pm Admissions and virtual tea/coffee to start the session

12.55pm Welcome & introduction to agenda and outline of Zoom routines and protocol. 

To cover:

  • Use of microphone; when to mute/unmute

  • Use of Video especially in breakout rooms
  • What happens when we breakout

  • Using chat

  • How to ask a question

  • Use of hands up/clapping symbols

1pm  Let me tell you a story…..

1.10pm Session 1: Sensory exploration through stories created by Herve Tullet

  • Why are his books engaging for our learners?   
  • What are their key elements for success?  
  • How can these be delivered in order to be both accessible and engaging?

1.35pm  Breakout Room Chat 

What sensory stories have you found that worked well for your class?

1.50pm  Session 2: Stories Online

This session will share a range of ‘ready-made’ resources that you can use in your own practice.  From mainstream reading books which offer sensory potential to purposely written stories for our learners, you will gain a wealth of resources to add to your ‘bookshelf’.

2.10pm Breakout Room Chat

2.20pm COFFEE BREAK and mini online learning course

2.55pm Discussion of key points from online learning course

3.05pm  Session 3: Making your own stories. 

How to get started.  Why this is such a powerful connection activity with increased engagement potential.  Ideas for making real and virtual books. Home/school reading

3.30pm Session 4:  Books, books, books! 

A virtual bookshop of all our favourite books of the moment, both long term favourites and what has grabbed our attention recently.

3.50pm Plenary & Reflective Practice

Delegates to list 3 things they will followup/action/share/ as a result of this course – can be put in Zoom chat or any resource of your choice.

4pm Thank you and close of session!

Who should attend?

This will be appropriate for classroom practitioners from special schools and colleges, mainstream settings with specialist SEN provision and early years settings, who are working with pupils with Autism, PMLD/ CLDD. It will be helpful to all those wishing to extend their sensory story telling repetoire in all settings!



Any resources shared/signposted during the session (i.e. during Zoom chat) will be emailed to delegates as a pdf after the session.

Cost: £45 plus VAT per place

(£54 including VAT)