Julie has worked in Special Education for thirty seven years. Her main area of specialism and passion is in Sensory Approaches to Learning, understanding sensory processing, sensory integration and regulation strategies. She is also skilled at mentoring staff on understanding sensory behaviours; producing CASP plans – (consistent approaches to support pupils learning) and sensory profiles. She has also developed planning strategies with teachers to embed a sensory rich curriculum through themes, topics and stories using high- and low-tech sensory resources, sensory rooms and interactive studios. She enjoys creating sensory learning environments both within the classroom and in other areas in a school environment.

Julie has also provided outreach support to many mainstream schools and early years settings on:

Planning for sensory approaches to learning
Inclusion strategies
Support packages and sensory plans
How to develop a sensory curriculum
How to create sensory spaces/rooms and environments
Sensory assessments and profiles with practical strategies to manage daily challenges