Naomi is an experienced teacher of the deaf who has chosen to work with children with complex needs. She has an in-depth understanding of deafness in combination with autism, profound learning difficulties, epilepsy, visual impairment and physical challenges. She has always championed a non-subject based curriculum for semi-formal learners in favour of a multi-sensory topic-based curriculum.

She passionately believes in inclusion and develops activities and opportunities for all children to work and play together with choices and creative communication strategies using all the senses.Naomi has combined her teaching with consultancy and training work and volunteers for Sense, keeping her work up to date and relevant.

She has also been a short break foster carer for special children.With her focus on experiential learning for all, Naomi’s lively and hands-on training is a frequent contribution to Hirstwood Training’s conferences and events; highlighting:understanding how hearing and visual impairments, ASC and other processing difficulties impact on learning and how we perceive our world creating working environments that support using residual sensory information.

Such as acoustics, visuals and layout language development, nonverbal communication strategies and learning style sensory activities that encourage attention, looking, listening, feeling, moving, communication and good mental health using a Clonkerboard, or resonance board, as a learning resource across the curriculum using Dance Massage, an intensive communication tool, suitable for children with severe autism and PMLD