Hirstwood Training:
online sensory learning

There are a total of 10 paid courses and associated bundles. There are also three FREE courses for you so you know what to expect from our online learning!

All our online learning courses have text, video, photographs, infographics, reflective practice and a quiz for you to check your learning. There’s also an evaluation so you can give us feedback.

We are offering our online learning on a yearly subscription basis for all staff on a single site. Your school or centre can subscribe to single courses or choose from four course bundles.


Accessing high quality training exactly when you need it, and on the topic you need, can be tricky! Whether you are an experienced practitioner; new to working with pupils with SEND; an individual or a team our online courses have lots to offer you!

We have 25 years experience of delivering innovative, relevant & practical face to face training both in the UK and world-wide. We have built on this experience to bring you active online learning to create purposeful discussion; focused reflective practice and positive actions and outcomes to breaking down barriers to learning.

Hirstwood Training are always here to answer questions for you, let’s have a chat!