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Teaching Reading to All – Part 1

Teaching Reading to ALL – Part One £48 (Single Ticket) or part of the Literacy Bundle – On this course you will learn how to apply a basic understanding of good practice teaching of reading…

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Teaching Reading to All – Part 2

Teaching Reading to ALL – Part Two Raising Attainment and Confidence £48 (Single Ticket) or part of the Literacy Bundle – Learning to read is well established as a key to education, but do we…

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The Senses and Learning

The Senses and Learning –  £36 (Single Ticket) or included in all Bundles – Our senses play a vital role in living and learning.  It is important to understand how our learners receive and understand…

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Creating engaging sensory stories

Creating Engaging Sensory Stories £36 (Single Ticket) or part of the Literacy and Sensory Learning bundle – A guide for teachers and teaching assistants working with children and young adults with complex needs, autism and…

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Creating inspiring sensory classrooms

Creating Inspiring Sensory Classrooms £36 (Single Ticket) or as part of the Big Bundle – Great classroom design helps to engage every child in their learning! Discover how to create inspiring sensory classrooms, implement a…

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Sensory approaches for learners with autism

Sensory Approaches for Learners with Autism –  £36 (Single Ticket) and part of the Autism Bundle – Each learner with autism is unique!  We outline the specific sensory difficulties experienced by learners with autism and…

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An introduction to visual impairments

An Introduction to Visual Impairments £24 (Single Ticket) and part of the Sensory Loss Bundle – For learners with visual impairment the environment can be challenging. We look at the types of visual impairment, causes…

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An introduction to hearing impairment

An Introduction to Hearing Impairment –  £24 (Single Ticket) and part of the Sensory Loss Bundle – A hearing impairment affects how a learner interacts with their environment. This course explains the types of hearing…

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Introducing an environmental audit

Introducing an Environmental Audit  £24 (Single Ticket) and part of the Autism Bundle – Learners with sensory difficulties and/or autism may find it difficult to concentrate or learn in the classroom. This audit is a…

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The happiness assessment

The Happiness Assessment The Happiness Assessment was originally the brainchild of Flo Longhorn and later Julie King. We revisit it here with further additions by Richard Hirstwood.  The happiness and well-being of our learners are of paramount importance. In common with most people, our learners are happiest when they feel secure, safe and valued, in…

It’s more than bubbles

It’s more than Bubbles! This is not just a course about bubble tubes. It’s about recognising how a stimulus like a bubble tube can affect our learners in ways which can be calming and promote communication between you and your learner. Coming soon! Contact us for further information!

Setting effective short term targets using goal attainment scaling

Setting Effective Short Term Targets using Goal Attainment Scaling This course introduces the principles of Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) and how to use it to provide clear quantifiable evidence of a learner’s progress.  We suggest a simplified way of setting a target and recording a learner’s progress towards it.  We show you how to scale…

Sensory approaches for challenging behaviour

Sensory Approaches for Challenging Behaviour In this course, we examine the definition of challenging behaviour and the role that sensory issues play in the behaviours that you may face as a practitioner. We offer practical guidance to support learners to make sense of their environment in sensory terms, which helps to reduce their fears that…

Learning styles and strengths for learners with complex needs and autism

Learning Styles and Strengths for Learners with Complex Needs and Autism We consider the concept of learning styles and how learners with complex needs or autism use a range of learning styles, or learning strengths, to explore and make sense of the world around them.  We examine these learning styles in detail, their relevance to…

Autism advanced practice – support for learning

Advanced Autism Practice: Support for Learning This informative and interactive course is designed to encourage you to investigate and evaluate some of the most commonly used strategies and approaches used with autistic learners within your own school setting or learning environment. Coming soon!

Autism advanced practice – mental health and wellbeing

Autism Advanced Practice: Mental Health and Wellbeing This practical and interactive course considers the difficulties faced by many learners with autism, particularly around mental health issues and bullying, including learners’ own experiences. We provide practical advice and include a helpful wellbeing model for you to use. Coming soon!


Introduction to Multisensory Learning

Introduction to Multisensory Learning We introduce the concept of multisensory learning and the importance of our eight senses in learning. Find out why sensory stimulation is critical for learners with complex needs or autism, why some learners have ‘faulty’ sensory systems; how this may present and how it impacts on their learning. This course provides…

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Resourceful teaching and learning

When working with learners with complex needs or autism, sometimes it is not possible for us to purchase specialist educational products. This course provides lots of clever ideas for creating our own homemade resources, which will extend our repertoire of learning opportunities, using a simple plastic salad spinner as the primary example. Testimonials    …

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