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Introducing The Parents' Sensory Festival - 5 to 12 December 2020


We’re so excited to be offering a Parents’ Sensory Festival, designed just for parents!  We want to spend a day sharing practical sensory ideas for your child, family and home – and hope that this might just be exactly what you are looking for!


The live Festival will take place on Saturday 5th December 2020 and although we want you to be there we know that it’s not always possible. So the sessions will be recorded where possible and available to watch online until the evening of 12 December 2020.


Our Parents’ Sensory Festival will be FUN and will inspire you to create simple sensory ideas and strategies to support your child and your family.


So get ready for sensory fun from messy play ideas, through technology suggestions to a series of top holiday gift suggestions.  The day will finish with a question and answer session with our experienced panel… your chance to get an answer to that burning question!


Every session is carefully designed to offer ideas that can be used in everyday life.  Resources will be signposted that work for any budget from items that can be found around the home to suggested purchases.  Most importantly, we will explain why the choices are useful and how to have fun with your child using them.


Our video presentations and the recorded live sessions on the 5th December will be located in themed ‘Pavilions.’  These will be:

The Resources Pavilion

The Sensory Christmas Pavilion


So why not sign up, join in and enjoy the fun?

Here is the provisional agenda – (it may change!)


10.00 am Welcome and introduction.  Richard Hirstwood will welcome you to the conference and explain how to get the best from the wide range of ideas that will be on offer.


10.15 am Live Session 1: Go Noodle at Home!

Go Noodle is a free online resource that is perfect for family fun!   If you want to work off some energy with a dedicated dance/movement routine; work on fine motor skills with fun finger exercises or work on controlled breathing, meditation or simple yoga, this resource has something for you!  We will give you a quick overview of the many possibilities and of course, we will have a try of one of our favourite routines!


10.30 am Live Session 2: Sensory iPad and Android Apps  – Quickfire!

We know how attractive mobile technology is for our children.  This lively session will jump through a series of useful (and fun) apps that we have found to work well and is designed to give you a host of ideas to use with your family!


10.45 am Coffee and Visit the Pavilions (or a breath of fresh air/a piece of cake/popcorn/lie down…)


11.30 am Live Session 4: How to: Tell a sensory story properly.

Sensory stories are an amazing way to enjoy shared storytelling sessions with your child, but how can you enjoy these together effectively?  The session will use an example book to show you why some books are better than others to adapt; how to add props and share these; timings and repetition and most of all….how to have a fun, shared experience.


12.00 pm Live Session 5: How to: Enjoy Messy Play in the home.

Julie and Helen join us to whizz through a host of messy play ideas that are easily resourced and set up so that your family can enjoy the sensory and communication opportunities offered by Messy Play. 


12.20 pm Lunch and Visit the Pavilions (or a breath of fresh air/a piece of cake/popcorn/lie down…)


1.30 pm Live Session 6: How to: Use Lights safely at home

The use of light as a sensory stimulus and/or experience is always a magical activity.  This session will work through ideas from simple torches and battery operated resources through fibre optics to projection.  It is the festive season, so absolutely timely to know what is possible, and how to offer visual experiences safely!


1.50 pm Live Session 7: Quickfire: Top 10 Christmas Gifts. 

It’s Christmas list time!   We are always asked for ideas to share so that Christmas gifts can be appropriate for our children.  This session will offer our top choices for 2020, covering a price range to suit all budgets and all of which we are excited to share with you!  


2.30pm Tea and Pavilions (or a breath of fresh air/a piece of cake/popcorn/lie down…)


2.40 pm Live Session 8: Panel Q and A.  

All the presenters will be available to answer specific questions during this session.  It may be that we have sparked a query during one of the earlier sessions, or perhaps you signed up with a specific question or idea in mind?  No matter, this is an opportunity to ask away…we will answer and hopefully offer practical help, support and advice.


3.15 pm Live Session 9: What Next? 

We are keen to develop and offer a wider range of sessions for parents and carers, however it makes sense to ask you what you would find most useful.  Hirstwood Training has an amazing range of expertise in their associate presenters so we can create informed, engaging and always practical events for you…just let us know!


3.20 pm Close: Thank you.  Future possibilities and keep in touch!

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