Tired of buying the same old things as you plan for the following week?  Need to jazz up your weekly sensory ‘shop’ and offerings?

Why not shop at the Sensory Festival Supermarket where you are guaranteed to find new lines, ideas, recipes, and ingredients to make delicious sensory creations?

Come and meet our amazing ‘chefs’ who will demonstrate how to get the best value from your ingredients!


Welcome to the Sensory Festival Supermarket!

Doors open 27 & 28 November 2021 for live sessions! Access to video presentations until doors close 11 December.


Introducing our Supermarket Departments! We have:


Special Offers!

We’re delighted to announce Jane Frizwell and Pete Wells will be delivering keynotes at our Supermarket Festival.  Watch out for the announcement of when these special offers will be available.

Security – our strict ‘stealing is allowed’ policy!

Throughout the Sensory Supermarket, we have regular security patrols and our guards are trained to help you to choose and STEAL the best ideas for your classroom, pupils, and setting.  There will be a zero-tolerance policy for those shoppers who do not choose at least 10 ideas to steal.  This will be strictly enforced.

Customer Satisfaction Department

We hope to see reviews online on your favourite social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will all be active during opening hours.

Employee of the day

Nominate the most helpful individual today!  Which shopper has inspired you the most today?

Supermarket Cafe

Join other supermarket shoppers for a cuppa and a catch up in our virtual meeting space!

The Essentials Range: the department of sensory teaching essentials

Here you’ll find the foundations of everything sensory.  We’ll have core curriculum subjects covered such as maths, literacy, science, art… the list goes on!

We’ll also cover sensory impairments and the impact that these have on learning in the classroom.

Need to create a more responsive sensory classroom?  That’s here too!  We have easy, simple-to-do ideas that will create a big impact.

Meal Deal: choose a starter/main/dessert  

A supermarket meal deal usually involves a choice of three elements. In our Sensory Supermarket ‘Meal Deal’ we are looking at…

Making choices!

Activities to encourage choice making, foundations skills for this, and ideas to embed this into everyday sensory activities. Technological ideas included too!

Creating Sensory recipes – what’s your favourite? 

As a ‘meal deal’ is a budget option, we’ll only have recipes with ingredients costing less than £20.  Have a bigger budget than this? Head over to the Deli department!

3 things to do with…

One item or one thing to do with three items or

three essential elements of a sensory activity

A beginning, a middle, and an end 

Lesson planning ideas

Short sensory story

Warm-up activity – learning activity – finished activity

The Deli Counter 

Do you have a bigger budget for your weekly shop? Do you need a recipe for a more luxury ingredient?  At the Deli Counter there is lots of imagination and no limits on ideas or budgets.

Healthy Options

Our Sensory Supermarket supports you to choose healthier options!  In this department, we showcase ideas and strategies for developing mindfulness and relaxation in our classrooms. We’ll cover:

Self-regulation: fill your basket with sensory ideas to help your students manage their well-being.

Design tips: take another look at how the design of a learning environment can influence the outcomes of a teaching activity.

Active learning: we need to move, we need to use our motor and sensory skills in combination to learn.  For many, the opportunity to have sensory movement breaks is vital to support engagement, connection, and success.

The Customer Service Department

Do you need to speak to a customer service colleague?  For a more individual service about a specific purchase, ingredient, or ‘cooking’ method our customer service department will be manned ‘live and online’ at specific times by the following colleagues:

Chris Barson – Autism

Clive Smith – Managing Difficult Behaviour

Sarah Moseley – Reading and phonics

Carol Allen – Teaching Timesavers.  Think of this as the microwave meal selection: what tips and ideas can you glean to make life in the classroom a little quicker, easier, and more manageable?

Richard Hirstwood – Sensory Spaces: rooms/portable resources

Please bring any questions you may have for our very helpful colleagues to answer!




The Sensory Festival Supermarket – booking open now!

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