Continues online until 2 September 2022!


Let’s finish the current format of Sensory Festivals with a bang!

The Ultimate Sensory Festival is a celebration of the collaboration, ideas and knowledge from all five Festivals, which took place during the pandemic!

The format of the ultimate Sensory Festival is a series of videos which is the collection of presentations from all FIVE Sensory Festivals!

As the back catalogue of presentations is vast, the Ultimate Sensory Festival is open from 15 July to 2 September! (We know you all wanted more time to watch the videos!)

NEW for the Ultimate Sensory Festival was a day of live presentations on 15 July! Our keynote speakers included Pete Wells, Fintan O’Regan, Chris Barson,  Dr Sarah Moseley and Lynne Castle!

You can watch these recorded presentations on catch-up until 2 September.

The Ultimate Sensory Festival will create a wealth of sensory ideas and strategies to spark joy in learning and to bring happiness and playfulness to the classroom/learning environment for learners with complex needs, autism and SEND.

It will rejuvenate your sensory approaches to having fun, building and maintaining relationships and re-engaging pupils in their learning.

All five Festivals had core themes, strategies and ideas including:

ideas about sensory spaces, classrooms and learning environments: inside and outside, stimulating and relaxing, big-budget and no budget!

magical ideas and activities to bring joy to learning, enchanting your learners, making interaction and communication irresistible or introducing mystery and surprise!

playful ways of encouraging exploration, interaction, self-expression at home or school. Working as a team – playfully!

ideas for supporting learner’s mental well-being, to chill and relax, escape from the classroom’s busyness or become absorbed in a slower-paced activity.

The Ultimate Sensory Festival will create networking opportunities for all practitioners to share, discuss, question, listen, debate, collaborate, and problem solve.

We welcome old favourites and new faces to the Sensory Ultimate Sensory Festival!

Who should attend the Sensory Festival?


The Sensory Festival is appropriate for teachers; teaching assistants and other classroom practitioners from special schools, nurseries and colleges; mainstream and early years settings with specialist provision who are working with pupils with severe and complex learning needs; PMLD; SEMH and autism.



If you wish to make a group booking for this Festival – we can do this quickly and easily for you!  Please email a spreadsheet with the first name/surname/email addresses of the delegates you wish to book for.  This should go to  We will then create access to this course for your colleagues.  A Purchase Order Number will secure your booking and we can send you an invoice.


Tickets cost £20 plus VAT per place.

Video Presentations

The presentations are organised into Stages (think Glastonbury!) and these are: The Autism Stage, The Shoestring Stage, The Sensory Stage, The Curriculum Stage, The iPad Stage and The Outdoor Stage!

They are available from 15 July until 2 September – SEVEN weeks in total!

Choose from:

Reflections on The Recovery Curriculum – Prof Barry Carpenter

Sensory Play:what it might be and who it’s for – Peter Imray

Sensory resources to support the Recovery Curriculum – Bev Cockbill

Gobbin Hood and His Merry Phlegm!’ – Deconstructing a Disgusting Sensory Story – Pete Wells

Why are we talking about engagement again!’ – Nick Sheffield, Linden Lodge School

If it’s fun, they will come! Building intrinsic motivation in the classroom – Bex Watton

Top tips for an inclusive reading classroom – Dr Sarah Moseley

ADHD: The M Factor – Fintan O’Regan

The Psychology of Happiness – Dr Claire

Neuroception: some things we need to know about before we can start to teach’ – Les Staves

Teaching Reading to ALL – Dr Sarah Moseley

I.C.A.N! Getting autistic youngsters calm, alert and nourished (Part 1) – Chris Barson
I.C.A.N! Getting autistic youngsters calm, alert and nourished (Part 2) – Chris Barson

Kids not Covid! – Katie Lyon, Kingsbury School

Creating a Sensory Garden in the Bay of Plenty, NZ – Tauraranga School – Richard Hirstwood

Outdoor Learning – Julie King and Richard Hirstwood

Stimming: a natural and important sensory integration tool’ – Dr Eve Griffiths, A Egerton & J Craddock

PMLD Assessment – One size fits all?’ – Erica Harwood, Ysgol Maes Hyfryd Specialist High School

Demystifying the proprioceptive and vestibular sense – Clive Smith

Thoughts and reflections on happiness – Flo Longhorn

Reading for Happiness’ – Dr. Sarah Moseley, Independent Consultant

Using a sensory room in a mainstream school – Carol Allen

Sensory ideas for engagement, communication and FUN!’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Why is smell important for learning for pupils with PMLD – Jo Fitzsimmons

Connect and Communicate’ – Dawn Brown, Assistant Head Greenside School

Making Everyday Activities Emotionally Enriching – Dr Julie Calveley, NAC

I’m Farticus! Breaking down the most disgusting sensory story ever written!’ – Pete Wells

‘Journey into Space: a multisensory exploration of the Solar system.’ – Victoria Navin, Rhyming Multi Sensory Stories

The Sensory Roots of Learning – Les Staves

Thumbjam App – Carrie Lennard

‘Bring the environment to your learner’ – Simply Sensory

‘Sources of sensory irritation at home: what these could be and how to reduce them’ – Tigger Pritchard

Don’t Get in a Mess With Stress!’ – Chris Barson

A Sensory Salad Spinner – Richard Hirstwood

Action Movies FX – Richard Hirstwood

TWS Sports Podcast (Autism & Sport) – Adam Millichip

Aliens – Nick Sheffield, Linden Lodge School

Using the power and drama of music in SEND: Part Two – Andy Pidcock

Aquarium Live! – Richard Hirstwood

Bags! – Lynne Castle

Boxes! – Lynne Castle

Breathe App – Sesame St – Richard Hirstwood

Twelve Days of Christmas! – Carol Allen

‘I’ve missed your face!’ – Caroline Hill, Making SENse Creative Services

Playful Thinking! – Bex Watton

Happiness Boxes & self-regulation – Bev Cockbill

What’s in your trolley? – Lynne Castle

Improvise Approach – Carrie Lennard

Music and Laughter: Jam Along with Carrie and Mowkee! – Carrie Lennard & Mandy Mayhew

Sensory Art: two items you need today! – Caroline Hill

Cosmic Top: Richard Hirstwood

Lost my voice! – Dawn Brown, Assistant Head Greenside School

A safe spinner – Richard Hirstwood

Why is change such a problem for learners with Autism? – Chris Barson

Movement to kick start the senses! – Clive Smith

Diffusing light for visual stimulation – Richard Hirstwood

Dinosaurs AR – Richard Hirstwood

Disco Torch – Richard Hirstwood

Divoom LED Art – Richard Hirstwood

Sensory Supermarket Shadows – Jo Grace

‘On my walk today’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Sensory Art Activities – Elaine Burgess

Twelve Days of Christmas! – Carol Allen

Sensory P.E. Activities – Fiona Bell

Fireworks Lab – Richard Hirstwood

Free Resources – Flo Longhorn

Flower App for iOS – Richard Hirstwood

Maximising your school’s outside space – Gary Quarless

Foundations of reading: how to develop pre requisite skills – Dr Sarah Moseley

Living Stories – Gary Quarless

‘Make the sparking lights fun for all!’ – Clive Smith

Giant mark making with an iPad – Richard Hirstwood

Fireworks and Star Projector – Richard Hirstwood

‘Using remote teaching to promote inclusive community learning’ – Dawn Brown, Assistant Head Greenside School

Drawing with Stars – Richard Hirstwood

Homemade Tactile Panels – Richard Hirstwood

Hoops! – Lynne Castle

Hungry Caterpillar AR – Richard Hirstwood

‘Q & A’s Autism – Past, Present and Future’ – Chris Barson

IKEA Sensory Boxes – Richard Hirstwood

Joy to our learners! – Jen Steptoe, Jensory

Incredibox App – Richard Hirstwood

‘The 2020 Classroom: Practitioner Tips and Tricks for Adapted Multisensory Learning’ – Jen Steptoe, Jensory

‘Oliver Twist’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Joggle Bopper – Richard Hirstwood

‘We’re not just PLAYING! – Katie Lyon, Kingsbury School

‘Creating a busy board’ – Jen Steptoe, Jensory

‘Mindfulness – our daily session’ – Katie Payne, St Giles School

‘The show must go on!’ – Katie Payne, St Giles School

How to: Tell a sensory story properly – Richard Hirstwood & Carol Allen

Ready, Steady, Transition! – Nick Sheffield, Linden Lodge School

The Swan Effect; Leading in classrooms in stressful times – Nick Sheffield, Linden Lodge School

‘Zoom home learning lessons using Sensory Stories/books without words – Leigh Blakeman

‘Introduction to the Sensory Festival’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Let’s get reading – Dr Sarah Moseley

Sensory Approaches for Challenging Behaviour – Clive Smith

Liquid Wheels with an iPad – Richard Hirstwood

Sensory Snug Boxes – Luciana Brugnoli

Long cheap fibre optics – Richard Hirstwood

‘The Beach: a topic-based mindfulness session’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

‘A Sensory Camping Experience!’ – Katie Prestage, Sensory Soup

Making Play Dough – with Dawn Brown and Caroline Hill

‘Activities, Communication, Creative, Environment, Sensory, Stimulation 4 ALL!’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

‘Creating a sensory cube: for exploring stories and new experiences’ – Caroline Hill

Sensory Bags – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Sensory Shelves – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Making a Winter Picture – with Dawn Brown and Caroline Hill

‘The Easter Bunny’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Nourishing Stories with Nurturing Touch – Mary Atkinson, Story Massage

Mega Sound to Light Box – Richard Hirstwood

‘The ladybird and the spider: a sensory story’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Mi Mic – Richard Hirstwood

Music Education at The Children’s Trust School – Franz Allard and Scott Harris

‘Give those happy hormones a boost!’ – Clive Smith

Our Rainbow Experience Kingsbury family in their recovery journey – Katie Lyon, Kingsbury School

Safe Spaces: why you need one and how to make one! – Clive Smith

What do you do with a bubble tube?!’ – Richard Hirstwood

Make a Jellyfish! – Simply Sensory

Sensory Engagement for Mental Wellbeing, Jo Grace

‘AAC Apps for iPads.’ – Russell Smith

‘Happiness!’ – Penelope Earp, Wairoa School, Bondi

‘Going Green: making personalised social stories using green screen technology – Penelope Earp, Wairoa School, Bondi

Inclusive Stories for everyone! – Pete Wells

‘Gerry Germ goes to Town!’ A Sensory Story for the Covid era – Pete Wells

‘Picnic at the Beach: a sensory story massage’ – Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Using Snapchat! – Pete Wells

Pete Wells and Catcote Futures

Portable Sensory Spaces – Richard Hirstwood

A Blackout Toilet Tent! – Richard Hirstwood

Sensory Outside – Simply Sensory

Guided Access in iOS14 – Richard Hirstwood

How to: Use Lights safely at home & Gift ideas – Richard Hirstwood

Using switches with an iPad – Russell Smith

Introduction to Sensory Learning – Richard Hirstwood

Magical Multi Sensory Spaces – Richard Hirstwood

Exploring in the dark… – Simply Sensory

Programmable Light Box – Richard Hirstwood

Supermarket: IKEA – Richard Hirstwood

Screen Time Management – Russell Smith

Sega Flux Star Projector – Richard Hirstwood

Sensory at Home 1- Lynne Castle, St Giles School

Sensory doesn’t have to be expensive! – Dawn Brown, Assistant Head Greenside School

Sensory iPad and Android Apps – Quickfire!

Sensory Plates! – Simply Sensory

Seasonal Sensory Magic – Sensory Soup

Deleted Apps – Russell Smith

‘Messy Play.’ – Simply Sensory

Sensory Spinning Tops! – Simply Sensory

‘Spin, spin, spin!’ – Sheila Thelen, Vestibular Training Services

Two Factor Authentication Explained – Russell Smith

Vestibular Balance – Sheila Thelen, Vestibular Training Services

‘Calming Activities.’ – Simply Sensory

How to: Enjoy Messy Play in the home – Simply Sensory

UV Light – Richard Hirstwood

‘Using voice control in apps’ – Russell Smith

Helen’s Catapult – Simply Sensory

Gofindit Cards! – Richard Hirstwood

‘Funk up your classroom to engage teens with complex SEND’ – Simply Sensory

‘Stripped Back Sensory – Richard Hirstwood

‘The Stages of Play’ – Simply Sensory

Singing Fingers – Richard Hirstwood

‘Ultra Violet Light Play’ – Simply Sensory

Spinning Balls – Richard Hirstwood

Spinning Cake Light – Richard Hirstwood

Story Cubes with Caroline Hill

Ten top sensory ideas! – Richard Hirstwood

Using Yoga with pupils with PMLD/complex needs – The Children’s Trust, Tadworth

The Engagement Model in the Classroom – Nick Sheffield, Linden Lodge School

The ion Party Ball – Richard Hirstwood

Toilet Roll Projection – Nick Sheffield, Linden Lodge School

Using the power and drama of music in SEND – Andy Pidcock

‘It’s a tactile world! – Mike Ayres

UV Light – Clive Smith

Jack and the Beanstalk – A Multisensory Adventure! – Victoria Navin, Rhyming Multi Sensory Stories

What can you do with yogurt? – Dawn Brown & Caroline Hill

Chat Room!

Yes, as with all Festivals, the opportunity to meet new people; chat with those you don’t connect with very often and make new friends who share the same enthusiasm and drive as you in a particular field is here…even though we are virtual!


Our chat room is open for the festival and is a place to comment, connect and chat.  It may be that you want to talk about one of  the videos or presentations you have just watched, or share ideas that you have found useful.  It is a place where you can ask questions…we try to follow every message and the whole presenting team are more than happy to help, comment or suggest solutions.



Don’t just take our word for it – this is what previous Festival goers have said!


‘This is the only course/ festival I have attended that is so relevant to my practice.’

J Miller, Acorns, Lancashire


‘The live sessions were fantastic and being able to see others chat online about their ideas and experiences was wonderful.’

Clare King, Shorefields School


‘Vibrant, fun with lots of ideas and expertise.’

G Daniels, Greenfield School


‘It was a gold mine of information and, for a bit of a Luddite like me, easy to navigate. I feel like a techno whizz now!’

A McNaughton, Croftcroighn School


‘Absolutely. I love that you can create your own festival by choosing the areas that are most relevant to your setting.’

N Beesley, Oaklands School

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