Building Emotional Resilience

Re-igniting learning and mental wellbeing
Our second virtual conference promoting emotional wellbeing in schools


10 March 2021 – online


Keynote: Professor Barry Carpenter, CBE, OBE, PhD
Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University.


Building Emotional Resilience: Re-igniting learning and well being

Conference timings: 9.00 am – 3.15 pm.

9.00 am Welcome & introductions – Richard Hirstwood

9.15 am – 10.30 am Live Keynote: Prof Barry Carpenter, O.B.E. C.B.E.

The current pandemic has caused a rapid erosion in the mental health of our children and young people, with national figures moving from 1:9 of all children to 1:6 by September (NHS, 2020.) And the pandemic is not over yet, with ongoing reports of high levels of ‘mental distress’ in children (OFSTED November 2020) and  the ‘national scandal’ around children’s vulnerability (Children’s Commissioner, December 2020.)

For schools, the abiding question has to be ‘how does this affect the child as a learner?’

Many children have become disengaged and upon their return from another lockdown our quest will be to re engage them and to re-ignite the flame of learning.

In this presentation you will be able to consider:

  • the  impact of the pandemic on children’s mental health
  • how we might rebuild emotional resilience in children
  • patterns of vulnerability related to the pandemic
  • the process of re-engaging the disengaged
  • compassionate leadership and a culture of kindness
  • resources to support children and aid teaching


10.30 am – 10.45 am Break Out Room: questions & discussion


10.45am – 11.00 am Coffee


11.00 am – 11.40 am ‘Creating wellbeing in schools for special  people: let’s have some joy in learning!’  – Les Staves  

Where have we come from?  Where can we go ?  These questions start in the past and look to the future. This session will first look at how attitudes to people with learning disabilities have developed.  We have come a very long way but there are still miles to go. Understanding the stages and changes of our journey is essential to help us raise our sights for the future.  We know these statements are true for all  children:

  • We are what we learn to be.   
  • What we expect to be empowers or limits our learning. 

We are the teachers so let’s think about what kind of curriculum and delivery will stimulate our  children’s engagement and confidence to fuel their powers of learning.


11.40 am – 12.20 pm ‘Rebelliously Happy Teachers!’ Nick Sheffield & Sinéad Bevan 

Teacher mental health is declining. Job satisfaction has fallen over the last seven years. However, teachers stay because they know their chosen vocation is worthwhile. This job isn’t easy, but it means something. Presented by teachers for teachers, “Rebelliously Happy Teachers” is a look at the current state of our profession and how, with a little rebellion, it could just be the happiest job in the world.


12.20pm – 1.00pm   Lunch


1.00pm – 1.40pm  ‘Developing resilience through stories for all learners’ – Dr. Sarah Moseley

Research indicates clear links between the development of personal resilience and storytelling. Resilience can be strengthened like any other skill, but this takes practice and patience to develop.  Storytelling provides the perfect vehicle for this development, evokes a strong neurological response and impacts on chemicals required for increased focus and engagement. Sarah finishes with practical suggestions for books and resources for you to use in your storytelling journey.


1.40 pm – 2.20pm   ‘We’re all in this together!’ – Katie Fielding

Supporting our families during this last year has been the key ingredient in ensuring we take care of everyone’s mental health and wellbeing.  Happy Parents = Happy Children = Happy Staff.


2.20 pm – 3.15 pm Panel discussions/Questions and Answers – All Speakers 


3.15 pm    Thank you and Goodbye!




Why should I attend?

You will leave the Building Emotional Resilience Conference with a more in-depth knowledge of current issues in SEMH; developing a curriculum framework around emotional well-being; pedagogy to facilitate the development of emotional resilience; the impact of anxiety/SEMH on learning; the importance of play in mental wellbeing as well as strategies to embed SEMH related learning within the curriculum.

Who should attend?

This will be appropriate for classroom practitioners from special schools and colleges, mainstream settings with specialist SEN provision and early years settings, who are working with pupils with Autism, PMLD/ CLDD.

Digital Conference Pack

As this is a virtual conference, we have a Digital Conference Pack!


Access to the learning resources within this will be available for 48 hours after the conference. This will include any resources shared/signposted during the sessions (i.e. during Zoom chat) will be available to download as a pdf after the session.

Standard Ticket: £95 plus VAT per place

(£114 including VAT)