Breaking down barriers to learning

So iPads work with autism?

7 November 2019

We really need hard evidence to support importing new teaching technologies into the classroom. The trouble is, there is little evidence to guide us as to what works and in what way. Also, autism is so wide and so variable across the spectrum that it’s hard to be clear as to what we mean when we say this app is great for learners with autism. Which ones? Who do we mean?

Let’s make a plan! For sensory differences in autism.

31 October 2019

Want to know more about supporting learners with autism? Start by making a plan. Here’s how to get started…

Sound Distractions

24 October 2019

Just like visual clutter, sound can be really distracting so here are some tips on making an environment successful for learners who have difficulties processing sound.

Supporting a learner with difficult behaviour Part Two: Environmental Influences

10 October 2019

Do you want to know how to improve the environment to support individuals with difficult behaviour?

Does your multi sensory room follow the AAA principles? – Part Two!

3 October 2019

Are you looking to design a multisensory room?

Read our 7 key questions to help you achieve a successful result.

Sensory Umbrellas – Part One!

26 September 2019

The key element of working in the classroom is finding an appropriate environment to work in. This short article is going to have a look at one successful and very popular approach – the use of umbrellas and parasols.

Using a clonkerboard in your classroom!

19 September 2019

Here is a list of Clonker board activities, including ideas for you to use in your everyday classroom practice – we hope you enjoy them!

These are a progression of exercises that can build gradually.

Don’t rush. Each idea is a whole session.

Supporting a learner with difficult behaviour. Part One.

12 September 2019

Understanding that individuals on the autistic spectrum, or with cognitive difficulty, may possibly be interpreting their environment in an entirely different way to those supporting them, is an important first step in responding to difficult behaviour.

Does your multi sensory room follow the AAA principles?

4 September 2019

The most successful sensory room designs are those based on the needs of the learners who use the space. Here’s where the ‘AAA’ principles of room design fit in: Availability, Appropriateness, Achievability