New for 2021!

With Richard Hirstwood

10 June 2021 1pm – 4pm

Why should I attend?

In this practical, information packed course Richard draws together over 30 years of experience in designing and using sensory rooms to maximise the impact of your sensory room / spaces on your pupil’s learning.  From key pieces of sensory equipment to budget-friendly sensory tools, Richard gives you the low-down on what you really need and what you don’t in a successful sensory room.  But a sensory room isn’t just an interactive space – it’s perfect for relaxation!  How can you use this space to teach this valuable life skill?   Richard finishes by asking how cohesive and consistent your sensory provision across school is, offering easy steps to achieve this.


1 pm Admissions and virtual tea/coffee to start the session

1.05 pm Welcome & introduction – Warm-up session  

1.15 pm Session 1:  A sensory starting point: Why do I need a sensory space? 

 Richard assesses the best ideas for designing/recreating/re-organising your sensory space so it is flexible and ‘fit for purpose’ in 2021/22.  By viewing each piece of sensory equipment as a tool to create a specific outcome, Richard looks at how to maximise the impact of the key pieces of equipment you have.

1.45 pm Follow-up: Chat/Breakout Task  

1.55 pm Session 2:  Being Sensory Savvy

Sensory spaces don’t need to be expensive! Richard rounds up a selection of  budget-friendly ways to extend your sensory arsenal whilst still making a big impact.

2.25 pm Zoom Chat Resources: creating shared resources

2.30 pm  Session 3: Full circle?

Given that the rationale of the earliest of sensory spaces was to ‘explore and relax’ to reduce agitation and anxiety; how can we best use the multi sensory room to support the mental wellbeing of our current cohort of learners in this pandemic?

2.45 pm COFFEE BREAK and mini online learning course 

3.10 pm discussion of key points from mini online learning task

3.15 pm Session 4: Consistent sensory provision

Most sensory learners need a consistent approach to maximise their sensory learning opportunities.  Beyond your sensory room and sensory classroom – how does your wider school environment support this?

3.40 pm Follow up: Chat Task  

How do you currently ensure non-teaching spaces offer sensory cues to your pupils?

3.50 pm Q & A session 

Delegates to put questions in chat so that any unanswered live can be followed up after the session.

 4 pm Plenary, thank you and end of session!

Who should attend?

This will be appropriate for classroom practitioners from special schools and colleges, mainstream settings with specialist SEN provision and early years settings, who are working with pupils with complex learning needs and/or autism.



The following resources will be available in your account for one week after the course date: A digital recording of this event, any resources shared/signposted during the session and a transcript of Zoom chat.



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Cost: £50 plus VAT per place

(£60 including VAT)