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Ten courses to support teachers, teaching assistants and educational practitioners to break down barriers to learning.  This Bundle is our most comprehensive online learning bundle covering a wide range of topics most appropriate for those working with learners with complex needs; autism and SEND within an educational setting.  They are suitable for teaching assistants, teachers, therapists and other educational practitioners.


Led by Richard Hirstwood who has the practical knowledge to enable educators/practitioners to maximise the impact of sensory learning opportunities; and Chris Barson a knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic tutor with a deep passion to improve the lives and experiences of individuals with autism.

A full course curriculum, details about your tutors and testimonials are available by clicking the individual course below.

The Senses and Learning

The Senses and Learning –  £36 (Single Ticket) or included in all Bundles – Our senses play a vital role in living and learning.  It is important to understand how our learners receive and understand the information that their senses send to them. In ‘The Senses and Learning’ we look in-depth at each of our…

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Creating engaging sensory stories

Creating Engaging Sensory Stories £36 (Single Ticket) or part of the Literacy and Sensory Learning bundle – A guide for teachers and teaching assistants working with children and young adults with complex needs, autism and SEND. For all learners, with or without SEND, sensory stories can be much more interactive and engaging than stories read…

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Creating inspiring sensory classrooms

Creating Inspiring Sensory Classrooms £36 (Single Ticket) or as part of the Big Bundle – Great classroom design helps to engage every child in their learning! Discover how to create inspiring sensory classrooms, implement a sensory curriculum, offer learners a personalised curriculum and reduce barriers to their learning. Individual Ticket: £36 (inc VAT) Course Curriculum…

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Sensory approaches for learners with autism

Sensory Approaches for Learners with Autism –  £36 (Single Ticket) and part of the Autism Bundle – Each learner with autism is unique!  We outline the specific sensory difficulties experienced by learners with autism and the resulting impact on their learning.  You will explore simple but effective ways of profiling a learner’s needs and how…

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An introduction to visual impairments

An Introduction to Visual Impairments £24 (Single Ticket) and part of the Sensory Loss Bundle – For learners with visual impairment the environment can be challenging. We look at the types of visual impairment, causes and their implications for learning. We provide practical strategies and ideas for classroom adaptations to support learners with a visual…

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An introduction to hearing impairment

An Introduction to Hearing Impairment –  £24 (Single Ticket) and part of the Sensory Loss Bundle – A hearing impairment affects how a learner interacts with their environment. This course explains the types of hearing impairment, their causes and implications for learning. We provide practical strategies and ideas for classroom adaptations to support learners with…

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Sensory on a shoestring and portable sensory environment

Sensory on a shoestring and portable sensory environments –  £48 (Single Ticket) and part of the Sensory Learning Bundle – This course showcases some of the best low-cost sensory tools. Informative videos show how to create engaging sensory learning activities. We suggest a variety of portable sensory learning environments. A safety briefing is included. Single…

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Introducing an environmental audit

Introducing an Environmental Audit  £24 (Single Ticket) and part of the Autism Bundle – Learners with sensory difficulties and/or autism may find it difficult to concentrate or learn in the classroom. This audit is a practical tool designed to help practitioners to identify barriers to learning in order to make effective changes. Single Ticket: £24…

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Designing a multi sensory room for SEND

Designing a Multi Sensory Room for SEND £48 (Single Ticket) or part of the Big Bundle – This explores the effective design of a multisensory room. It looks at different room types and their use. There are tips on revamping a tired existing room, choosing equipment, preparing a suppliers’ brief, room structure and maintenance. Single…

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Autism and difficult behaviour

Autism and Difficult Behaviour –  £36 (Single Ticket) and part of the Autism Bundle – Learners with Autism often have complex needs, which can be hard to meet. Difficult behaviour arises from unmet needs. We look at ‘difficult’ behaviour and its triggers and explore a range of practical, effective ideas and strategies to use. Single…

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Online learning: practicalities


Each course contains a mixture of video, text, photos, infographics, downloadable resources and a quiz.


Modules within the course end with a summary of key points


Each module includes Reflective Practice activities


Learning can be accessed in any location, on any device, at any time


A side bar indicates progress through the course


All movies are closed captioned in English


On completion of each course a certificate can be downloaded and printed


Each individual staff member has their own login 


Learning is flexible and convenient 


Any learning or reflective practice can be revisited

The Big Bundle Costs

Access to the Big Bundle is for 12 months – plenty of time to learn when it suits you.

To buy up to 50 users/logins costs £995 plus VAT.

To buy 100 users/logins costs £1990 plus VAT.

To buy 150 users/logins costs £2300 plus VAT.

We can give you a quote for numbers inbetween these or more – please email or call 01524 426395 to discuss a specific number of logins/costs.

Once the number of logins is agreed, a PO number will confirm your order.

To create access for your school or setting we will need:


  1. A spreadsheet of names and email addresses of staff who need access to the online learning.  This should be in .xlsx or .csv with separate columns for first name/last name and email address.  Please check that the email addresses are correct!


  1. A name and email address for a designated ‘administrator’ for your account.


The administrator will be able to track the progress of each individual member of staff through the online learning.


Each member of staff will have their own unique account which they will log into using the email address supplied. Once enrolled, staff will receive an email with their login instructions.